Samia da 40 anni lavora nella produzione di prodotti chimici per l’industria conciaria, con particolare riferimento alla rifinizione delle pelli

For almost 40 years Samia has been producing chemical products for the tanning industry with particular emphasis on leather finishing

Samia Colour System


In partnership wth companies at the forefront of colour measurement and precision dosing SAMIA proposes a system that takes care of everything from initial tint set-up in the laboratory to the industrial production of pigment mixtures thus leading to complete industrial leather finishing colour management.

Using modern colour measurement and precision dosing instruments that interface with special dedicated software the SAMAI Colour System enables:

  • the precise final implementation of every colour
  • a drastic reduction in production time-scales
  • a reduction in environmental impact
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      An important innovation introduced to the market in recent years by SAMIA, the “LEATHER Colour System”, a colorimetric system for the tanning industry which is capable of reproducing a wide range of colours. Together with the precision dosing system the imitation of every colour occurs precisely leading to a reduction in environmental impact and the elimination of waste.

      Using a spectrophotometer we are able to ‘read’ the colour of any media. By interfacing the spectrophotometer with the precision dosing system, using SAMIA pigments contained in 24 headers, the colour mixture that was originally ‘read’ is reproduced in the laboratory in quantities ranging from 100g to 5kg. Any desired colour in industrial quantities can thus be obtained by interfacing the industrial machine with that of the laboratory where up to 150/200kg of colour can be produced.