Samia da 40 anni lavora nella produzione di prodotti chimici per l’industria conciaria, con particolare riferimento alla rifinizione delle pelli

For almost 40 years Samia has been producing chemical products for the tanning industry with particular emphasis on leather finishing


SAMIA, a leading manufacturer of chemical products for leather finishing, has a long established company policy orientated towards satisfying the needs and expectations of its customers.

SAMIA SpA has its headquarters in Arzignano (VI), the main national and European production hub for all types of leather and also has a branch in S. Croce Sull’Arno (PI), another national centre for leather which is mainly directed at the fashion industry.

The Arzignano headquarters is home to the management team, the production base, the laboratories and warehouses and covers a total of 18,000 square metres. The branch in S. Croce Sull’Arno (PI) has a well-equipped laboratory for providing technical assistance and a well-stocked warehouse for immediate product delivery.

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    SAMIA has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence, an award that recognises organisations that have received three certificates for their Integrated “Quality”, “Environment” and “Safety” Systems; only a very limited number of companies have currently been awarded this recognition.

    These certificates together with infrastructure developments and the experience of nearly 40 years allow SAMIA to present itself to the market with all the credentials needed to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

    In achieving this aim, the company considered it of paramount importance to adopt a third party certified Integrated Management “Quality, Safety and Environment” System and to establish an organisation, management and control model established in accordance with the law on the administrative responsibility of companies (Legislative Decree no. 231/2001).

    All the necessary resources required to implement and maintain such a system where therefore implemented at both the production plant in Arzignano (VI) and the S.Croce sull’Arno (PI) branch.

    In order to ensure competitiveness within the current global market the national tanning industry is increasingly looking for production process innovation and optimisation as regards sustainable development (rendering economic requirements compatible with environmental issues).

    Therefore, in addition to the use of formulated sustainable raw materials, our customers also ask for marked dynamism and innovation leading to the rapid adoption of new ideas and fashions as set by the market.

    To ensure a success filled future and to strengthen our leadership position, remaining at the forefront of technical development is indispensable. We achieve this through continuous R&D into new products, production process development and optimisation, collaborating constantly and reliably with our suppliers; all of this while maintaining respect for safety, environmental protection and corporate information.

    In implementing this policy, Samia has imposed the principles of business conduct summarised in the following points:

    - ensure a quality product that meets the customer’s needs

    - offer a qualified and efficient after-sales service

    - aim for continuous improvement through the identification of specific goals and programs that are periodically reviewed by sector managers

    - the involvement of all parties, consonant with the development and growth of the company, that are concerned with conducting the business

    - commitment to compliance with the Code of Ethics, to legal compliance, to integrated system documentation and to the highest standards in terms of safety, environmental protection and the safeguarding of information

    - the promotion of low environmental impact ranges of products

    - logistics improvement and the optimisation of products in stock with the purpose of ensuring the timely availability of all products in the range

    - the assurance of an effective response through the implementation of advanced technologies and the preparation and continued education of suitably trained personnel leading to timely interventions in cases of emergency

    - the commitment to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, to the reduction of health and safety risks to personnel through the development and implementation of training programmes and by conducting periodic audits and through the adoption of appropriate work organisation instructions and precautions

    - the involvement of all employees, by means of their personal safety representatives (PSR), in maintaining and improving the safety management system